I don’t dress because it’s fashionable, neither do I dress to please anybody. I dress to please myself. When I am pleased and comfortable with my outfit, I really don’t care whether or not someone finds it fashionable.

First of all, what is “fashionable” is seasonal. For example, what’s fashionable in the Winter or in 2017 may not be fashionable in the Summer or 2018). If you follow the trend you will know that it is revolving. When I was in Junior High, boot cut trousers used to be the trend. By the time I got to Senior High, Pencil jeans (fitted pants) became the “standard”.

Also, fashion is subjective. What seems fashionable to me may seem like an absolutely out of shape to you. People have different tastes, preferences and choices at different times. For instance, I know many see ripped jeans as fashion now, I also know others who see ripped jeans as something bizarre. Yet they are both in the same industry and of like passion.

Finally, fashion is cultural influenced. For example, if you attend native Ghanaian/Nigerian ceremonies, native attires like Kante, Agbada, Dansiki, Etibon, Senator, etc are more fashionable but if you are in the States or Britain, suits and ties are more official dress codes.

As an HEIR 👑 TO THE THRONE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, my responsibility is to dress in a way that will minister Grace to those who see me and more importantly cover my nakedness. It is an insult on my personality to start buying dresses just to feel fashionable to or impress someone.

Therefore, while you value and respect people’s opinions and ideas on how you should dress, ultimately it is your responsibility to choose how and what to put on, when and where. I will end with this:

Fashion without comfort is stupidity

Whatever you choose to wear and represent yourself, make sure you are comfortable with it.

This is my personal opinion and I know a lot of you have awesome ideas about fashion. Let’s have a chat about it here or on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat @ChrisloveCGO

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