Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to us who do not know what Christmas means but we still celebrating.

Merry Christmas to us who know what Christmas represents but we are not celebrating.

Happy holidays to us who care more or less about the reason for the season but we’re grateful for our time home with our families.

Happy holidays to us who want to celebrate with our families but can’t gather ourselves together.

Merry Christmas to us who believe more in the mystical Santa Claus and his gifts than in Jesus Christ and His love.

Merry Christmas to us who believe more in Jesus Christ and His unfeigned love than Santa Claus and his north pole mystery.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to us all!

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Born in Fall, Raised by Love ❣️

When it comes to happiness, Grandma said I’m Source

When you talk of freshness, Wifey said I’m Sauce

Frienemies being so close, try to lay a Curse

People try to stop my shine without any Cause

I live and celebrate with them, Love is the Cost

Paul said Jesus forgave us all, all on the Cross

Love is all I owe all men, the price for my Crown

So October 12th is my #birthday

Apostle said it’s the World Love Day

Raised by Love, I was born in Fall

Now living in snow, I was groomed without Winter

One generation is gone yet I’m just in my Spring

Mummy wants harvest long wait for the Summer

I felt so much love, people got me in my feelings

To show that I’m grateful, I’m responding to all wishes

Love comes with so much responsibilities and actions

“Love is Worthless Without Sacrifice”™




Whenever I’m facing the heat

Whether from peace or beat

Two things come to my heart

To pen or to quit

Most times I feel like quitting

But then I remember the

Heart-reviving words of MrCHRISLOVE™

There’s no reward for giving up on your dreams

So I drop the quit option in the pen

And dust off my pen

This is my reward for believing in me

Don’t give up, believe in your dreams!

With Love, we can conquer all!



A leader is a person who influences the behavior of others towards achieving a particular aim or objective. A good leader must live an exemplary life. That is, he must try as much as possible to do what he commands his followers to do and must be able to take risks and stand on his/her words. He must be able to exert a positive influence on the lives of others. Must be humble, teachable and an active listener.

As a leader, do not expect total obedience and submission to all the principles, rules and regulations you initiate because human beings are not perfect, and the rules and regulations will never be totally adhered to. They will never completely cover all the deviant acts that are likely to generate in the cause of leading a group or an organization. Furthermore, the rules and regulations do not totally and equally benefit everybody. Some people will be more favored than others for one reason or the other and human beings will always strive for self-interest.

Secondly, as a leader, do not expect everybody to love you and do not think that you can satisfy everybody objectively. Some will love, some will hate and others will be indifferent. Be ready to face challenges and problems for they will surely arise and your ability to face and overcome them is what makes you a leader. It is only a fool that will expect and believe everybody to love him/her. Some may be smiling at you while stabbing you behind your back, while some are ready to overthrow you and usurp your position due to envy and jealousy.

So as a leader, you must take all these into consideration; do not take actions that are unwise, unacceptable and unexpected of you as a leader. Let not your conscience be against you and never try to please anybody because the more you try to satisfy Mr. A the more you hurt Mr. B. it is a zero-sum activity. That is, one person gains while the other looses out. Do not take hasty decisions and desist from anger and iniquity. Whenever you are angry, do not make any comment or take any drastic decision because you are likely to regret it afterwards.

Always pray to God to give you wisdom to lead the people He has put under your care and direct your path. Always engage your followers or the people you are leading in decision making in other to motivate them towards achieving the organizational or team goals. Remember that nobody is a complete fool. There is always a sense in all foolishness but it takes the wise and humble to decipher. Never discriminate against anyone whether from a different religion, tribe, age, skin pigmentation and gender. Try all these and you will be the perfect leader the world is looking for. And in all LIVE A LIFE OF LOVE FOR “LOVE COVERS ALL SINS” and “LOVE NEVER FAILS” as the Bible says.

Therefore Think Love, Teach Love, Share Love, Show Love, and Practice Love.

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Christian Okwudiwa


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In a society where violence, hatred, lust, abuse (in all forms and types), pride and interclan rivalry are norms. A world, where warriors are celebrated as heroes while lovers are ridiculed as villains.

Maturity is not growing up to live as you were brought-up or thought to but rather, true maturity is growing up to love as you are supposed to irrespective of how you were brought up.

Though I was born into gross hatred, I am deeply grateful to have been conquered with an extravagant love. And so now, my main purpose is to be an Ambassador of Love.

You loving me is not a requirement for my daily life but me loving you is a necessity for my existence.
It is your choice whether or not to love me but it is my obligation and responsibility to love you irrespective of your choice, decision, belief, background, action, or reaction.
I cannot live without loving you because love has become an inherent and integral part of my life and so I cannot decide not to love.

It is so much of a disservice for me to think of not loving you.
As long as you are human, you deserve my love whether or not you feel you need it, is not a factor.

This should be our decision and vision in life. We should make up our minds to love people irrespective of what they have said, planned to do or have done to us. Like Paul of Tarsus said, “Do not let yourself be overcome by evil, but overcome (master) evil with good.”_Romans 12:21 AMPC. Make it a point of duty to show love to the people that you are privileged to come in contact with.

Whenever someone tells me “Christian, I don’t like you”
In my head: that doesn’t count
My response is: That’s fine, thanks for telling me. I love you anyways.
Because my love for people is not a function of their love for me but rather a spillover of the Extravagant Love of Jesus Christ for me (He loves me passionately and personally despite my erroneous thoughts, ignorance, constant antagonism and disobedience to His Love).

This is why like Paul of Tarsus, “I myself always strive to have a conscience without offense toward God and men.” _Acts 24:16 NKJV. You have to make a conscious effort to live peaceably with everybody, as much as it is within your ability to do so. You may not be able to control the actions or reactions of people towards you but with love, you are able to influence their decisions consciously or unconsciously.

In conclusion,

The more you grow in love, the freer and more joyous you will become, because love brings healing to your soul by binding the open wounds in your heart.
Therefore, loving others (especially those who have hurt you in the past) is a true test of your love for yourself.

I love you all! 🌟

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I don’t dress because it’s fashionable, neither do I dress to please anybody. I dress to please myself. When I am pleased and comfortable with my outfit, I really don’t care whether or not someone finds it fashionable.

First of all, what is “fashionable” is seasonal. For example, what’s fashionable in the Winter or in 2017 may not be fashionable in the Summer or 2018). If you follow the trend you will know that it is revolving. When I was in Junior High, boot cut trousers used to be the trend. By the time I got to Senior High, Pencil jeans (fitted pants) became the “standard”.

Also, fashion is subjective. What seems fashionable to me may seem like an absolutely out of shape to you. People have different tastes, preferences and choices at different times. For instance, I know many see ripped jeans as fashion now, I also know others who see ripped jeans as something bizarre. Yet they are both in the same industry and of like passion.

Finally, fashion is cultural influenced. For example, if you attend native Ghanaian/Nigerian ceremonies, native attires like Kante, Agbada, Dansiki, Etibon, Senator, etc are more fashionable but if you are in the States or Britain, suits and ties are more official dress codes.

As an HEIR 👑 TO THE THRONE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, my responsibility is to dress in a way that will minister Grace to those who see me and more importantly cover my nakedness. It is an insult on my personality to start buying dresses just to feel fashionable to or impress someone.

Therefore, while you value and respect people’s opinions and ideas on how you should dress, ultimately it is your responsibility to choose how and what to put on, when and where. I will end with this:

Fashion without comfort is stupidity

Whatever you choose to wear and represent yourself, make sure you are comfortable with it.

This is my personal opinion and I know a lot of you have awesome ideas about fashion. Let’s have a chat about it here or on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat @ChrisloveCGO