Why They Doubt Us

We always tell them the truth

But they never believed

Because they are lying for a living

Building empires in/with falsehood

And it’s impossible for someone to say the truth

In their lying world

So they believe everyone is like them

A conglomerate of liars.


Ever felt pains before you went to bed 

Thinking it would be gone overnight 

Only to wake with it in the morning?

I’m talking about the pain

That pain reliever can’t relieve 

Neither can pain-killers kill

The kind of pain that kills pain-killer

It’s really painful

And instead of dying it’s growing

Like pregnancy, it grows bigger every passing minutes

Unlike pregnancy it’s bearing no fruit

Like weeds in a precious garden

Turn on your twitter feeds

Everyone is spreading

The wildfire keeps spreading

Even the first responders are retweeting it

It has eaten so deeply into our lives

That it now becomes a part of our lives

WatchOut for Pain 2


When you know your unique worth and value you will have no fear of competition because nobody can actually compete with you. You are uniquely crafted and gifted in a way that it is absolutely impossible to replicate. Your timeline and sequence of events are completely personalized and so there is no need trying to compete with anyone else. Your priority is to identify your mission/purpose in life and fight to accomplish it.

If you want want to compete, go compete with your ancestors. If you win, you are a local champion. Meaning that you are legitimately a failure. Don’t even think of competing with your peers, co-workers or friends because you DON’T have any close substitute or equal. Even your identical twin has a completely different mission and timeline on earth.

People say “strive today to be better than your yesterday”. I say “if you are just better today than your yesterday, then you’re a failure because you are still living in your past glories”. Like, thank GOD for those stuffs and more on. I know the idea is never to have a better yesterday but my point is never to live in yesterday.

If you want true competition, dream of the person you want to be in 5, 10 years and start competing against them with the resources you have now.

This is what I call competition because naturally, you will have access to more and better information, resources, network and skills 5-10years from now than what you currently have. And so it will be a real challenge to compete with them. And don’t just say it today and abandon it a few weeks after like your new year resolution.

So what do you want to become or where do you want to be in 5-10years time?
Take out time away from the disturbance and enjoyment of the moment to think, plan and reflect on your life and destiny. Travel out of your current community or locality if need be. You need a quiet time to communicate with GOD, yourself and your future. Maybe take a fast from food or even social fasting. Take a walk in the park. Collect your church key/access and go there during non-service hours and days. Visit a place where you have access to more natural environment or just wake up in the night, observe the serenity of environment and the ‘interaction’ in the firmament. Read some books or autobiographies about some of the people and or public figures that you inspire you.

Take your writing (or drawing or recording) materials along. Write down your thoughts, feelings, observations, questions and revelations.
Then asked yourself what skills, attitude, behavioral modification or resources you think are necessary to actualize this dream?

Then, take out time to evaluate your writings, recordings or drawings. Scale it and challenge yourself to start making the adjustment to pattern your life after your new vision. Here, remember to speak of practical and realistic facts using the SMART Goal Principle – Be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.

A daily, weekly, monthly and ultimately, yearly target
Then begin the actual competition (against your future self) as if it’s a sport for a prize. Set up a reward system for yourself to keep you motivated.

The most fascinating thing about this write- up is that I don’t have it all figured out yet and so I am speaking to myself too.


Fulfilment or ultimate success in life is personal. You can seek the assistance or guidance of others. You can also get inspiration from others. But make sure you are running your race according to your timeline and not what others add on your timeline.

Like the popular saying “we will not all journey through the same route”, identify your route and stick to it. Take full responsibility for your own failure and success in life because you are ultimately responsible for them anyways.

Using the exact words of the wisest man ever, King Solomon “There is a season (a time appointed) for everything and a time for every delight and event or purpose under heaven” – Ecclesiastes 3:1 AMP. There is a chronological arrangement of events in everyone’s life which is unique to the individual. Two identical twins, though born physically alike, have distinctive purposes and missions on earth.

Even your DNA is a constant reminder of your uniqueness in purpose, mission and timeline.

Some of us are given a hundred years to fulfill our missions. Some others of us are given 80% of that.

Some of us may have to get married in order to fulfill our purpose in life. Some others of us, marriage may be a distraction to our fulfilment in life.

Some of us will know our spouses even while in school and not ready to get married, some others of us will only know our spouses when we are ready to get married.

Some of us will have to build our own houses before we get married, while owning a house will distract some others of us from getting married.

Some of us will get married by 25, some other of us will get married after 30.

Some of us will be billionaires at 25, some others of us will be billionaires after 30. Some of us will be making others billionaires. Some others of us will be billionaires on the other side.

Some of us will be owners of businesses and/or organizations, some others of us will be managers of businesses and/or organizations.

Some of us will be pastors, prophets, apostles, teachers, evangelists, etc. Some other of us will be sons and daughters of encouragement.

Some of us will be politicians, some others of us will be soldiers.

Some of us will be playing lead roles in organizational/institutional or national development, while others of us will play background roles.

What is most important is not the status of our accomplishments in life but rather, the accomplishment of our statuses.
Know what you are here for, when you are to achieve it and follow through with it. Do not get discouraged by other people’s accomplishments or how fast they accomplish theirs. Neither should you become so “inspired” as to get married or start a career because others are going into it.

Know your own timeline and stay on your lane

Love, Faith and Hope always!🌟

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