I weep all night, my room is Niagara Fall

Yet no one cares to pay a visit even for a free view

The things I used to love now torment my soul

Even in Fall my tears aint dried up.


I was born in fall and my leafs dried up

But where there is fall, snow falls even much more

Turn a snowman, they say, so you can survive the weather

The little breeze in my heart keep me living.


Ice queen tried to slow me like flurry

I had to skip her like dishes

A. Gabriel, my courier is on the way

Don’t salivate brother, my order is not to be shared.


T’Challa waiting for Cinderella to grow up

But what can unite these two parallel worlds?

Mum said love’s arsenal transcends all barriers

Now I want to speak with bae but it’s all scripted.


The pages of the book are limited

But the serenade of my lover is infinite

140 characters was I limited to

yet growth of double is much of a constraint.

Not even enough to admire the pulchritude of her eyes.

Now I see why angels are not in-love nor is there marriage at Home.

For much is the distractions in the timetable of a lover.

I wish the whole earth is the home of patient lovers,

For much joy and peace reside in the heart

Of the one whose long prepared lover is revealed to.

They say “beauty is fading”,

But with your beauty only eyes fade!

As an eagle, my eyes continually behold more beauty.

Kids see beauty but adults conceive beauty

Oh! Greater access to the Light ignites a visionary beauty in your image.

For thought of you I honor my bachelor
With masters in hope and patience
Yet with you, I’m a doctor in contentment

For you are the epitome of true beauty

And your beauty is the light that clears all doubt & darkness.


They say beauty is fading,
But with your beauty only eyes fade!
But as an eagle, my eyes continually behold more beauty.
Oh! Greater access to the Light ignites a visionary beauty in your image.
Kids see beauty but adults conceive beauty.

Meaning: If you see beauty with your eyes, beauty will fade away as you grow older because your eyes become dimmer. This explains why people date or get married for some months/years only to separate from each other during moments of trials and challenges – they are kids carried away by physical attractions without conviction. It does not mean that the lady becomes less attractive/beautiful but the guys’ eyes have grown dimmer and since they’re controlled/led by their eyes, they can no longer see the beauty in her.

This is one of the reasons why I am ABSOLUTELY AGAINST CHILD MARRIAGE because something as beautiful as marriage and the outcome (in most cases, pregnancy), which is to be cherished. They may end up destroying both themselves and the babies because they lack the maturity and training to take care of them.

But if you conceive an idea, it only gets better as you grow older with more understanding and translate (give birth) to something much more beautiful. And you will always look for the best ways to nurture the beautiful idea. Think of when a woman conceives a child, she even avoid some her favorite meals – dietary restrictions, just to make sure that the embryo is well nourished to grow to become a beautiful child.

Your beauty is the light that clears all doubt & darkness
[Your beauty – personality, clears the doubt that you’re God’s gift to me and clears darkness(=other girls floating around me). NO Mrs Portiphar.

The conclusion of the matter is that, dont be led by your eyes but rather be led by your conviction