The beauty of love

The strings of hope

The peace of assurance

The joy of new birth

The glory of unity

The splendour of majesty

The love of sharing.


When a man finds true love

He may look naturally the same

But he’s heartily different

He begins to make meaning

From the meaningless

He feels restored

Even when he never realized

Anything was missing.


When a man finds true love

The emptiness he couldn’t share

The vacuum no one could fill

The sleepless, hopeless nights

All suddenly filled

With joy overflowing

His broken heart is made whole

He forgets all his pains

And rejoices in his disappointments.


When a man finds true love

He may not speak much

But his heart sees more

His actions show mysteries

And if for any reason

He’s not able to speak

To or about it openly

His heart can be found

In the volume of books.


When a man finds true love

He will risk it all

To preserve the moments/memories

Every call – missed or answered

Every text – undelivered or responded

Everything around him

Paint pictures of hope

And the world is viewed

In and from a special lens.


When a man finds true love

Distance is a gift

Proximity is a blessing

Pictures project faith

And faded faith is made alive

Lord, let a man find true love

And his heart will forever

Be grateful for your love

And the gift of true love.


  1. 👏👏…I believe this is the most rhythmic and indulging poem MrChrislove has ever written. I could imagine the words effortlessly flowing out of his pen. There was this aura of ease and the natural element that this poem gave off.

    This is nothing short of the written work of a man who has evidently binge read Songs of Solomon and pondered upon the love of His maker.

    Liked by 1 person

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