Why Am I Even Here?

I have many friends

Yet I am most lonely

I have some followers

Yet I am no one's leader

I am surrounding by many

Yet I am deeply empty inside

Many people looking up to me

Yet I have no one to look up to.

There are billions of people around

I am that ignorable drop of water in ocean 

The economy is booming

The financial sector is flourishing

Yet my bank account is liquidating 

Everyone is living in their dreamed lands

Yet I cant even find a bus shelter to rest my head

Not to talk of having a good dream.

Why am I still here?

Of what use am I to this world?

I feel like a burden to the people around me

A disgrace to the parents that gave birth to me

But seriously, why am I here?

Do I even matter to anyone?

Will I ever become something in the future?

Does anyone even love or care about me?

When I look at everything that’s happening

To me, within me and around me,

I praised the dead who are already gone

Oh! How blessed are them who were never born

For their souls escape the torment of loneliness

That lives inside of me

My life is like a buried coffin in the graveyard

With many helpless and soulless bodies around 

Yet as silent as a cold blooded animal in a deserted island

This loneliness that makes me feel worthless

Gives me time to reflect on my life

And though I have nothing to show for last years

I will not give up on my next years

As long as I still have the breath in my lungs

'For a living dog is more better than a dead lion'

Though my night be long, yet will I hold on

My day is around the corner

The sun will soon smile on me 

And I will feel the light at the end of the tunnel.