I know we were all created in God’s image

The oppressors say ‘all fingers are not equal’

We believe this from our youth

A well advertised fallacy of composition

How can we be so fooled?

They sold us the drugs

Saying it’s for our recreation

We took in the Kool-Aid

And now we are wasting away

Falling like leaves in Fall

Instead of flourishing like Poets in Autumn

We buy them with our life savings

Now they disenfranchised us as mentally unstable.

They fooled us,

We emptied our accounts

And made them rich

They’ve got the power over us

Now they marginalize us- poor lazy fellow

Took our children away from us

Because we are ‘irresponsible drug-addicts’

Keep them in orphanages

Under the care of some sex-deprived ‘big children’.

Our children are now at their disposal

By the time they grow up

They only want to continue the ‘trade’

That their caretakers taught them

Their uniquely beautiful and priceless bodies

Are now for sale in black market

To our oppressors at a highly discounted rate

Everyday is Black Friday

And our sons? They’re mostly in prison

For using drugs they legalize for our recreation

That’s how they keep us working in cycle.

How can we break out of these circles?

We need a prison break but Michael is dead

Talk of freedom and equality

And you will spend a generation-plus-two behind bars

‘I have a dream’, they killed the King

King maybe be dead but His message

Will forever live on

Till a saviour is raised from amongst us

And we all realize that

We are all made from same image

And start investing in and uplifting one another.

Let’s end this cycle

Love one another

Support the weak

Protect the children

Expunge maryjane related convictions

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