Motivation: This poem addresses 3 core issues in the NA culture:

(1) parent’s misplaced priorities – they want to work hard to provide their children with the best education, clothes and protection, and in most cases at the cost of having less time for their families.
(2) the individualistic nature of the society – people no longer care for their neighbours but instead “you are on your own”, “mind your business”
(3) privacy policy – fenced raised against neighbours with notice “private property – do not trespass”. These raised walls which are supposed to protect the property and individual families sometimes end up becoming obstacles to people trying to help in times of emergency.


Baby left alone in the house

Dad gone to work to make some money

Mom in the grocery store to get some food

Food, clothes and protection they offer to her

But love and care is all she needs

Baby crying in the house

With no mom and dad to rescue

Neighbours heard the cry

Ignored with helpless assumptions

And chained by the privacy of the laws

Oh well! They’ve learned to mind their business

Baby crying out loud hoping neighbours could help

Helpers are denied access by the fence

Set up to protect the baby

Tears, wears and fears for death

Baby’s got no more strength to cry

She praised those who are already dead

She extolled those who were never born

Death is now her best wished route

To escape the misery of her life

The once joy to the world

Now have no joy in the world

Now who will rescue the dying child?

Heart is broken but life isn’t yet taken

One last breath before the last breathe

Now the child is gone never to return

Parents returned cold and need coffee

But now baby is cold and needs coffin

Neighbours standing with lifeless flowers to send their condolences

And the Police is here with barricades, filing reports which is no use to the dead.

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