In Love We Unite

Black by the Sun
Yet the Sun itself isn’t Black

The Son, they say is Black
Yet we are not made “white” by the Son’s color.

We are made white by the Blood
Yet the blood in our veins is Red.

We should be very colorful in our thoughts
Yet we shouldn’t think of each other in colors.

For colors only appeal to the optical
Yet the eyes being black & white isn’t colorful.

The different colors make humans beautiful
Yet the beauty of humans is more intellectual than physical.

Humanity is no monochrome
So we need humility to unite the polychrome

The humility of love is colorful
And so the Love of God for humanity is first established by a symbol of color 🌈

Happy Independence Day America!

“In God We Trust”
In Love We Unite in Colors

Wishing you unity in color and progress in love!

Signed: Christian Okwudiwa [ #MRCHRISLOVE 🖋️]

From your friendly all-time neighbor #Canada

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