I have got Jesus on my team

I have got no reason to be afraid

Because I am a god here on earth

And as a god, I’m like God.

I have been crowned from my mother’s womb

Upon my head is the crown of pure gold.

Freedom comes with a price but I’m on scholarship

So I’m kinging in my freedom.

Hey devil, you can’t fool me

I may be juvenile but ain’t delinquent.

It is foolish to make vain plans

Yet even a fool doesn’t want make the King laugh.

Don’t try to be a pest,

Because I have got no control over these pesticides.

No wise man messes around a god,

Because it is difficult to stop a train that has not reached it’s destination.

Whenever I see the basely rage of these kids,

I laugh because a matured son isn’t afraid of scarecrows.

So don’t mistake my humility for fear,

Because as a wind, only the King knows my direction.

Thank you very much for reading. I unfeignedly appreciate your comments, please let me know what you think about this piece.

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