In a society where violence, hatred, lust, abuse (in all forms and types), pride and interclan rivalry are norms. A world, where warriors are celebrated as heroes while lovers are ridiculed as villains.

Maturity is not growing up to live as you were brought-up or thought to but rather, true maturity is growing up to love as you are supposed to irrespective of how you were brought up.

Though I was born into gross hatred, I am deeply grateful to have been conquered with an extravagant love. And so now, my main purpose is to be an Ambassador of Love.

You loving me is not a requirement for my daily life but me loving you is a necessity for my existence.
It is your choice whether or not to love me but it is my obligation and responsibility to love you irrespective of your choice, decision, belief, background, action, or reaction.
I cannot live without loving you because love has become an inherent and integral part of my life and so I cannot decide not to love.

It is so much of a disservice for me to think of not loving you.
As long as you are human, you deserve my love whether or not you feel you need it, is not a factor.

This should be our decision and vision in life. We should make up our minds to love people irrespective of what they have said, planned to do or have done to us. Like Paul of Tarsus said, “Do not let yourself be overcome by evil, but overcome (master) evil with good.”_Romans 12:21 AMPC. Make it a point of duty to show love to the people that you are privileged to come in contact with.

Whenever someone tells me “Christian, I don’t like you”
In my head: that doesn’t count
My response is: That’s fine, thanks for telling me. I love you anyways.
Because my love for people is not a function of their love for me but rather a spillover of the Extravagant Love of Jesus Christ for me (He loves me passionately and personally despite my erroneous thoughts, ignorance, constant antagonism and disobedience to His Love).

This is why like Paul of Tarsus, “I myself always strive to have a conscience without offense toward God and men.” _Acts 24:16 NKJV. You have to make a conscious effort to live peaceably with everybody, as much as it is within your ability to do so. You may not be able to control the actions or reactions of people towards you but with love, you are able to influence their decisions consciously or unconsciously.

In conclusion,

The more you grow in love, the freer and more joyous you will become, because love brings healing to your soul by binding the open wounds in your heart.
Therefore, loving others (especially those who have hurt you in the past) is a true test of your love for yourself.

I love you all! 🌟

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