If you are weak in times of trouble, that is real weakness.
Proverbs 24:10 ERV

Keep fighting.

Yes, they are breathtaking. 

Yes, they are painful. 

Yes, you may not have planned or prepared for them. 

Yes, they all seem to be against you. 

But yes, you have been prepared for them. 

Yes, you have been equipped with the resources to overcome them. 

Yes, you have been fortified against them and to conquer them. 

Yes, they are all working together for your good. 

You are too strong to give up. 

You are too far to turn back. 

You are too brave to quit.👨‍✈️👩‍✈️

You will conquer them all. 

You have been built and fortified for the challenges you are facing right now.

This is a token of my love,  support and encouragement for you even as you grow through this phase of your life. And to assure you that with you, I AM 

See you at the end of the tunnel! 

 🌟🌟🌟🌟🏅💖💖 💖 🏅🌟🌟🌟🌟

God bless your fight

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