I have spent a lot of time trying to P.U.R.S.U.E goals that people created for me and working very hard to fit into their plans and agenda.

But since I began to read my User Manual (studying the Bible), I discovered that my Manufacturer (God) has designed a different purpose for me – something bigger and greater than I ever imagined. A life of excellence, love and widespread influence. Thanks be to God directing me to the path He has designed for me and helping me in conquering the challenges, fears, doubts, comfort, ignorance, mediocrity, etc. that are floating around and within me. 

 Therefore, it is time to start living my life so that I will be able to “leave a legacy of LOVE, HOPE and FAITH built on Humility and Excellence“. This I know (as revealed in the manual) that wouldn’t come easy neither is it cheap. It’s a costly lifestyle because I would be mostly left with the option of choosing the road less trodden. Needing a lot of perseverance, humility and trust in my Manufacturer. And so I make my user manual a close companion, constantly unlearning most of things that I have learned and been taught in the past to fit into their agenda. I will have to be grateful for everyday I am given to live, every obstacle/battle I am empowered to conquer and every opportunity I am privileged to have. 

This makes me quite unfit for both the status quo and fitness tests set by others. 

Because I ain’t fit enough for their fitness test I created my own fitness center 

So for today, I am grateful to God because I am now a bachelor with honours

Thanks and Jesus bless! 

Christian G Okwudiwa 

Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @ChrisloveCGO 

2 thoughts on “GRATITUDE 

  1. While it is not out of place to be aware of the various fitness options (your choice word). It is very important to know that we are unique and can impact and leave an indelible foot print on the sand of time if we yield to God’s guide and refuse to be towed. Indeed a little patience, persistence, focus and concentrated effort are ingredients because surely it is a costly and less trodden path. But surely,it is most rewarding and fulfilling. Well done good job

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    1. That’s very true sir because sometimes it is through the diversity of fitness options that we are guided towards our own purpose. But most importantly, like you rightly said, we need to yield ourselves to God’s guidance, and not just “flow with the flow”. Great input and lessons sir. Thank you. #CHRISLOVECGO


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