Throughout my 6-7 years of Primary School & 3years of Junior High, my BEST GRADE was 3rd position (that was just semester out of all while the second best was 9th position). The other positions 8 can’t remember because they were pretty far. Then throughout my Senior High (Secondary), my WORST GRADE was 3rd position. That was maybe once or twice while the rest were either 1st or 2nd positions. 


Simple – Jesus Christ, A Spirit-field house (my brother who doesn’t attend Christ Embassy allowed his house to be used for #CellMeeting or #HouseFellowship), An Excellent and Challenging Role Model ( Prince Gogogwute). Even though I wasn’t born again (in fact I used to despise members of LCCG esp & ignorantly because of #PrayingInTongues or #SpeakingInTongues Now I know better and feel like Bro Paul in 1 Corinthians 14:18) until I think my last year of High School, the #Grace was flowing, the challenge was getting intensed with every award that my brother brought home. Don’t it twisted, I was going to church all these while regularly especially on special occasions such as wedding, Christmas, Easter, etc because of the “incentives” but I didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This I know for sure is the condition of some of you reading this, you’re attending church & church programs but never had a relationship with Jesus Christ. I plead with you sincerely to do do so now. He will change your life and rewrite your history.

And for those of you that have allowed your house, phones, laptops and properties to be used for negative things/acts, you seriously need to make amends because there is always a trickling down negative effects on you. It may be the reason beyond your misfortunes. And as you know or may have heard “the harvest is always greater than the seed sown”. 

The number and degree of Awards, favors, Love, Honours, Peace, Joy, Scholarships, opportunities and challenges that I have handled since I have a flowing relationship with Jesus Christ is unfathomable, unexplainable and far beyond my wildest imagination. Yet God is just warming up on my side. 

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