There are certain traits and characteristic dispositions that are necessary for a life of continuous success, fulfillment, and resounding testimonies. These principles are universal just like the natural laws. If you apply them to your life as an individual, entity, corporation, or institution, you will yield the same result irrespective of your field of endeavor.  If you study circumspectly the lives of distinguishedly successful people, you will notice these unifying traits. Contrarily, lack of the application of these principles is also a unifying trait that poor and unsuccessful people have. Mind you, you can only achieve phenomenal results by applying these three Cs simultaneously. That is, if you apply two and ignore one, it will either yield a grand style failure, or an unsustainable result which will translate into a depressive failure. Therefore, follow closely, study and meditate carefully, and apply them religiously.

Be informed that this is a freshly conceived idea and no prior targeted research has been done in relations to this. It is based on my personal experiences of success and failure in life and critical observation of the reasons behind them.

  1. CONFIDENCE – this is the first and seemingly most important C of the triplet. It entails your ability and boldness to communicate or sell your idea or product to your potential customer. Whatever idea you want to share with the people, even if it is nonsense (which I don’t advise you sell), let it be a ‘beautiful nonsense”. Things to consider under Confidence include packaging, language, body movement, facial expression, enthusiasm, passion, etc. You have to show people that you know and that you are passionate about it. Let them ‘feel you’. Let them want to hear you again. This is not an easy task but comes with determination and practice. Keep training yourself in order to have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the product or service you want to offer, and rehearsing it; in front of the mirror in your closet, to your friends or immediate family members, as your sample audience. Confidence brings trust. When you are confident in what you are doing or saying, people will tend to believe you because it shows that you are knowledgeable about the information or idea you are sharing with them. Also, part of being confidence is being ready to give an answer to anyone who questions you base on the material.
  2. CAREFULNESS – being careful is beyond crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s. It involves planning. For proper planning, you need to know your target audience: their expectations of you, likes & dislikes, spending habits (spending does not necessarily have to be money, it can be their time, resources: what do they love watching or listening to during their lunch break or leisure hour?). Take calculated risks, do a cost-benefit analysis of proposed investments/contracts, etc. (count the cost of your intended action even if it is a faith-based decision (take a look at this Luke 14:28). Don’t just get yourself involved in unplanned, frivolous and unprofitable risk because you hear some notable quotes that ‘not taking risks is the greatest risk in life’. If you are going into business or investment, make sure you are doing something that you are at least sure of getting back your principal in the worst case scenario.
  3. CONSISTENCY – be regular, steady and continuously improving in everything you do. If you want to be successful in every aspect of your life either socially, professionally, educationally, etc. make sure you do consistently. Let your audience know that at a certain time in the year, month or week you are going to post or do something, whatever it is that you are doing. Whether following up on newcomers/friends, updating your Facebook, uploading pictures to your Instagram page, writing blogs on your website, writing articles, etc. Be relatively predictable to your customers, followers or audience. It is not everyone that likes surprises. And also, people don’t want to be coming around frequently just to see that you haven’t posted anything new. Its waste of time and diminishes your reliability. If its prayer, set out a specific time in the day when you will be praying. The more consistent you get, the better you will be at doing it. You can set alarms or reminders to keep you on track. After a while, it will naturally flow because your body system would have fully adjusted to it. This also applies to someone trying to develop a saving habit. I strongly advise that you start small. You may want to start saving 5% of your income (I’m using the word income here loosely to include gifts, credits, salaries, anything money you receive) irrespective of how small it may seem.

CONCLUSION In everything you do, be confident, careful and consistent, and you will achieve great fulfillment. It may not come easy but you will surely breakthrough.

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